Hi, I’m Troya Bishop, author of The Answers book series and creator of this course. As a veteran teacher and life-long learner, I designed this course to share the foundations of racism to help people heal themselves and our nation from the wounds of injustice.

For more information about Troya and to learn more about Bishop Global Education & Consulting visit: TheAnswersToRacism.com

Why I Created This Course

After teaching middle school for several years, I realized there was a huge gap between what teachers expected students to know about race and racism, and what parents were equipped to do to support their children when issues regarding racism and bullying arose. Being a parent is the hardest job on earth, yet it has the least instructions and most criticism. 

Based on what I have researched and experienced in my interactions with other parents, I've concluded that parent's need access to more parenting strategies and tools to equip them to be the best parents possible.

With that in mind, and to answer questions from parents whose children I served, I created this content. Parents of all backgrounds will benefit from the contents of this course. Join us at Bishop Global Education & Consulting in our effort to make the world a better place, one parent at a time!

Richard P.

"Some may ask why do we need, The Answers in 2020. After hundreds of years of racial and racist conditioning, we have only had 50 or so years to begin learning and discussing the questions of race and racism, and The Answers - this counry is therefore in its relative infancy when it comes to discussing and facing these issues, and this book/workbook couldn't have come at a better time to aid us in this discussion."

*Richard is pictured on the bottom left, holding the United States flag. He is the founder of Uniting America.*

Helen C.

"This book/workbook has proven to be a timely educational guide on how to have an informed, honest conversation about racism."

*Helen is a community organizer and social worker. She is well respected and widely known in the community she serves.*


If you answered YES to any of these questions, this course will help save your sanity and help build a positive legacy for your family!

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Why are Workbooks Important in the Learning Process?

According to research, workbooks as assist in the learning process and lead participants through the theory of the subject they are learning. Workbooks help you solve and learn both simple and complex cognitive tasks. They also assist in creating a natural period of thinking through various activities. If you are going to take the time to read, does it make sense to interact with the text through a workbook to make sure you are learning the information?