In this course you will get practical tools and real solutions to dicsuss and defeat racism in America.

Hi, I’m Troya Bishop! This course was created for community members, parents, and all socially conscious people. In each module, we provide tools to you can use to discuss racism in an effective way that results in healing and solutions for you, your family and your comunity.

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The Answers

Discussing & Defeating Racism in America

This online course includes the book and workbook, The Answers: Discussing & Defeating Racism in America. Well known author, educator and activist, Troya Bishop, narrates the course and provides practical answers to racism in America. Be ready to think deeply and discuss freely. This course will challenge your assumptions and equip you with tools to make your community and our country a better place.


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Discussing & Defeating Racism in America

This course includes a LIVE question and answer session after each module with the author, Troya Bishop.


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Discussing & Defeating Racism in America

Author, educator and activist, Troya Bishop, delivers the incredible, The Answers curriculum to you LIVE!

The digital workbook is included in the course, and guides you as you uncover your beliefs about race and racism.

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As you complete each module in the course, ask questions and share your thoughts with the author and course creator, Troya Bishop!

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